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Behavior Intervention Plan For Student s Identifying...

BEHAVIOR INTERVENTION PLAN (BIP) Student’s Identifying Information: N.E is a ten-year-old boy who attends 4th grade at North Bergen Elementary School. N.E is a very intelligent and creative boy that needs extra help to achieve his academic and social skills. He has little motivation for school achievement, with problems in independent reading, math and classroom behavior. He demonstrates a poor approach in working in a group, usually instead of working on assigned task, he talks to somebody when it is prohibited, playing with his hands or objects, making noises, calling out and looking around. The student gets easily frustrated and cries when he realizes he is having problems with his schoolwork, especially, in the subject of mathematics. II. Strengths of the student: N.E can become an active participant when he is engaging in the class, his learning process is more about hands-on experiences, he performs well when he has the opportunity to interact with both between teacher and his classmates, for example in games, he also enjoys the art class and he likes to express himself through his drawings. He seems excited when he is praised by the teacher. III. Behavioral goals: According to the FBA the behavioral goals are: N.E will follow directions for independent reading. N.E will calmly approach math work. IV. Target Behaviors: According to the FBA the target behaviors chosen are: Off task Motor: The student, instead of working on independentShow MoreRelatedEvaluation Of A Functional Assessment And A Potential Behavior Support Plan1700 Words   |  7 PagesStudent Information Student: Isiah Hoyte D.O.B: 02/17/2008 Gender: Male School Year: 2015-2016 Age: 8 School: Oniondale Union Free School District Meeting Information Date: 8/29/2015 Participants: M. Parker, Guidance Counselor, B. Michael, Social worker, Parent, D. Shaw Principal, S. Roberts, Behavioral Consultant, Classroom Teachers; D. Chemnitz and C. Ragusa This meeting is being held to plan for the assessment of Isiah Hoyte. We will go over the target behaviors as reported by school staffRead MoreThe Behavior Rating Profile, Second Edition Is An Instrument That s Designed For Student s Ranging892 Words   |  4 PagesBRP2 Summary The Behavior Rating Profile, Second Edition is an instrument that’s designed for student’s ranging from 6 to 18. The purpose of the BRP-2 is to help identify students with emotional, behavioral, personal, or social adjustment problems in many settings. The BRP-2 assesses behavior at home, in school, and in interpersonal relationships for individuals. According to Kelley, Reitman, Noell (2003), â€Å"The system is comprised of six elements, which can be used independently, or in conjunctionRead MoreThe Impact Of Implementing Pbis On The Social, Emotional And Academic Outcomes1189 Words   |  5 Pagesintroduced and planted by a team of administrators or teachers that develop intervention plans. These intervention plans are referred to as positive behavioral support systems that usually assist students with behavioral or academic difficulties. In 1972, it was learned during the Mills vs. the D.C. Board of Education case that diverse learners were not receiving the same educational opportunities as other students because of their behavior. Congress understood that there was a need for diverse learners andRead More Asperger?s Syndrome and Instructional Intervention Essay1732 Words   |  7 Pages Asperger’s Syndrome and Instructional Intervention nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Asperger’s Syndrome (AS) is a pervasive developmental disability first identified in 1944 by Dr. Hans Asperger, an Austrian pediatrician. However, since his paper was written in German and published during World War II, his findings were not well known in the United States and in other non-German speaking countries. In 1981, Dr. Lorna Wing, a British researcher, brought AS to the attention of the English-speaking worldRead MoreThe And Managing Student Behavior Essay1100 Words   |  5 PagesManaging Student Behavior Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is a multi-tier strategy based on student outcome as opposed to a set curriculum. In a classroom it is based on 6 essential practices, but the strategies can, and should be implemented school wide for maximum benefit. The following will offer some history on PBIS, a breakdown of the 6 essential classroom practices, and a brief description of what a three tier strategy would encompass. History Positive Behavior InterventionsRead MoreStudents Scores On The Sglsst Be Improved1120 Words   |  5 Pagesn students’ scores on the SGLSST be improved? How should the curriculum and instructional process relate to preparation for the SGLSST? How should the results of the SGLSST be used in instructional planning? How do these suggestions impact students with special needs? The teachers, administrators, parents and students at Resthaven Elementary are all facing a huge dilemma. It’s clear that the teachers are frustrated and perplexed on how to effectively teach their students. The parents are becomingRead MoreAssessment Base Reading Instruciton Case Study761 Words   |  4 Pages Description of the Student Background Information PART 1: Administration of Assessments DIBELS: A Universal Assessment Battery Description and Purpose of the Assessment Setting for the Assessment Description of the Assessment Administration Process Results of the Assessment Analysis of the Assessment Results Running Records Description and Purpose of the Assessment The running record allows you to record the child’s reading behavior as he or she reads fromRead MorePrevention, Intervention, And Treatment Options1560 Words   |  7 PagesPrevention, Intervention, and Treatment Options According to McWhirter et al. (2017), the act of suicide is neither comfortable nor easy; however, experiencing a series of painful events lessens the fear of death, which prepares individuals for attempting to take their own lives. Establishing a framework of evidence-based preventions, interventions, and treatment options provides opportunities to help at-risk youth and their families find solutions to difficult problems that they might encounterRead MoreEmotional And Behavioral Disturbance ( Ebd )943 Words   |  4 PagesEBD was implemented for students who struggled in the classroom due to behavioral complications and do not have a qualifying disability. In order to qualify a student as having an Emotional or Behavioral Disturbance, the student(s) must have exhibited the behaviors for a long period of time and the must meet one or more of the following characteristics, an inability to learn that cannot be explained by intellectual, sensory, or health factors, inappropriate type s of behavior or feelings under normalRead MoreReflection Paper On Special Education Essay1622 Words   |  7 Pagesamount of definitions that represent this word. It includes ones traits, characteristics, behavior, abilities and or inabilities they posses. The fact that this definition is so broad educators found it difficult to specifically identify what disability a student had. At the same time variables that lie within ones disability hindered the degree in which traits would be shown. For that reason many students were prematurely place in special education without services provided. The referral process

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Who Gregory Boyle s Tattoos Of The Heart - 1873 Words

Alia Claudia P. Lao 142158 TH121 Q May 11, 2016 Gomez, Javier Father Gregory Boyle’s Tattoos of the Heart, tells of his experiences during the time he served in Homeboy Industries and of how he saw God’s work in those who felt as if they had no hope in becoming better people nor getting better lives, and how things turned around for them. In this book, he teaches gangsters that the Kingdom of God is for everyone, that it is never too late to start a loving relationship with Him, and that they are always welcome to come back to their Creator. Father Gregory, more fondly called as â€Å"G†, demonstrates this act of bringing shalom by using theology, in his own manner, to influence his actions, way of thinking, and words. Father Gregory had served as an associate pastor at the poorest parish in Los Angeles, the Dolores Mission Church, since from 1984-1958. After his service there, he was tasked to serve in a student service program, however, his trip to aid the poor in Bolivia, where he gained the desire to help the poor. He was sent back to Dolores Mission instead as a pastor. There in Dolores Mission, he was able to learn about the lives of the gang members. He witnessed their violence towards one another, how it affected how they lived and acted towards one another, and how people knew that it was a toxic community to live it. Back then, the church would be known to segregate the â€Å"good† from the â€Å"bad†, meaning, the gang members were not alwaysShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of Tattoos On The Heart, The Power Of Boundless Compassion Essay890 Words   |  4 Pagesgrounding yourself in your own loveliness, hitting notes you thought were way out of your range† (94). Father Gregory Boyle says this because he knows that resilience is needed in order to change. Resilience is important because we can become better people by doing things, we thought we couldn’t do. In the book, Tattoos on the Heart, The Power of Boundless Compassion, by Father Gregory Boyle, resi lience is essential in our lives because it is the key to do better. My brother, Osvaldo growing up wasRead MoreAnalysis Of Tattoos On The Heart, The Power Of Boundless Compassion Essay1140 Words   |  5 Pagesborn by grounding yourself in your own loveliness, hitting notes you thought were way out of your range† (94). Father Gregory Boyle says this because he knows that resilience is needed in order to change. Resilience is important because we can become better people by doing things, we thought we couldn’t do. In the book, Tattoos on the Heart, The Power of Boundless Compassion, Boyle claims resilience is essential in our lives because it is the key to do better. For example, in Chapter Four, â€Å"WaterRead MoreTattoos On The Heart By Gregory Boyle2222 Words   |  9 Pages Tattoos on the Heart by Gregory Boyle Introduction: †¢ Father Gregory Boyle was an associate pastor at the Dolores Mission Church in Los Angeles in 1984 and became youngest pastor ever in 1986 †¢ Boyle has buried 168 people, his first was Danny, a victim of gang violence †¢ Opens Dolores Mission Alternative, a school for children involved in gang violence that were kicked out of school †¢ Church has Christian duty to welcome anyone, including gang members †¢ Organized programs to help gang members,Read MoreTake Home Final Parts A And B1723 Words   |  7 Pages Take-home Final Parts A and B Kilin Ung Theology 105-B - Fr. George According to the Judeo-Christian tradition, who or what is God? In Judeo-Christian tradition God created the cosmos and he said it was good. God created everything. â€Å"Yahweh† is a form of God’s name in Hebrew which is best translated to â€Å"I am who I am†. God is this mysterious divine spirit that was created before time and lives forever. God is the â€Å"tremendom†, the holy, fearful and overwhelming mystery that people can only wonderRead MoreFundamentals of Hrm263904 Words   |  1056 Pagesmoney From multiple study paths, to self-assessment, to a wealth of interactive visual and audio resources, WileyPLUS gives you everything you need to personalize the teaching and learning experience.  » F i n d o u t h ow t o M A K E I T YO U R S  » www.wileyplus.com ALL THE HELP, RESOURCES, AND PERSONAL SUPPORT YOU AND YOUR STUDENTS NEED! 2-Minute Tutorials and all of the resources you your students need to get started www.wileyplus.com/firstday Student support from an experienced

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Fewer Choices, Greater Profits Retail Corporations And

Fewer Choices, Greater Profits: Retail Corporations and the Driving Out of Small Business Prior to the 20th century, the American economy was fueled by manufacturing; production was vital in the advancement of the nation. Retailers were generally small-scale, specialized niches, located within the largest cities throughout the United States. A change in how one would typically consume occurred during the 1870’s with the rise of A.T. Stewart’s Marble Palace, one of the nation’s largest stores in New York at the time. Featuring four stories of Tuckahoe marble, the Marble Palace would be an innovation that would change consumption in the United States forever. Stewart paved the way for competing retailers in that he understood the idea of†¦show more content†¦Sachs issued bonds in the sum of $2 million, allowing Siegel to receive enough financing to purchase real estate in the Manhattan area. The store would open at six stories high, feature a giant greenhouse, roof-garden restaurant, and a two-hundred-foot tower. Many firms would soon follow t his business model as retailers such as Marshall Field’s, Carson, Pirie, and Macy’s received financing from investment banks to expand their department stores within their respected local markets. These department stores would now house a variety of goods, such as a yard goods, ready-made clothing, pianos, monkeys, lions, among other products. By 1910, Macy’s was conducting the largest domestic rug business in the country at Thirty-Fourth Street and Seventh Avenue in Manhattan, and Wanamaker’s in Philadelphia had the â€Å"finest bookstore in the United States,† soon to be surpassed by Marshall Fields of Chicago, which would exceed in volume and sales any other such business â€Å"in the world.† With the help of investment banks, Sear Roebuck and Company would receive millions of dollars in financing from the distribution of equity, allowing them to have enough capital necessary to expand. This period of rapid expansion caused by the finan cing of investment banks led to the emergence of modern merchandizing, which began to overshadow the traditional, small retailer who could not compete with the affordable prices of the retailShow MoreRelatedCorporate Fraud, Greed, Corruption, And Ethics1598 Words   |  7 PagesMay 1985 InterNorth acquire Houston Natural Gas for $2.4 billion. Houston Natural Gas was originally formed in the 1920s from the Houston Oil Co., providing gas to Houston retail customers.1 According to the Texas State Historical Association, Houston Natural Gas had assets of $3.7 billion, sales of over $2 billion, and profits of $123 million.1 The two companies would be known as HNG/InterNorth and would be headquartered in Nebraska with Segnar as chairman and CEO. In 1986, Segnar retired and KennethRead MoreGlobalization Has Destroyed the Middle Class Essay2251 Words   |  10 Pagesobservations whose regular common denominator is the determination of a profound transformation of the traditional nation-st ate† (Von Bogdandy 2). Globalization is connecting different people from different cultures and backgrounds together. More and more corporations are entering new foreign markets to sell their products to the native populations. But at the same time globalization is negatively hurting people and countries. Globalization is hurting workers and small countries. Workers are forced to work forRead MoreAnalysis of the Commercial Property Industry in Zambia Using Michael Porters Five Forces Model1849 Words   |  8 PagesUNIVERSITY OF LUSAKA SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Business Environment (RE140) Assignment #:1 Student Name: Marleen Nakubiana Muttendango Computer No: BRE1621005 Required: Use Michael Porter’s Five Forces model to analyse any Industry of your choice in Zambia Due date: 20th September 2012 Lecturer: Mrs Mutere 1 CONTENTS PAGE 1.0. INTRODUCTION ...................................................................................................................... 3 2.0. OVERVIEW ...................Read MoreCase Study : The Cato Corporation4823 Words   |  20 PagesThis term paper is about the Cato Corporation. In the paper will review the history of the company, identify its direct competitors, and describe its mission statement, general strategy, target markets, product mix, and positioning. The strengths and weaknesses of the Cato Corporation will be discussed in detail. I have researched the company’s financial reports. There will be a financial analysis of the company comparing its present to past two years’ performance and to the performance of its majorRead MoreThe Structure of American Film Industry Essay2262 Words   |  10 Pagesnbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;After the paramount decree the Big Five studios , Twentieth century fox, MGM, Paramount, Warner Bros and RKO, were forced to sell off their theatre chains. The biggest problem the studios faced was that â€Å"the theatres had contributed more to profits than either production of distribution- production, of course, can only become a profitable activity as a result of distribution and exhibition† (pg7 Hillier J , 1992, The New Hollywood). Changes had to be made in order to make distribution of productionsRead MoreThe Main Changes That the Paramount Decree Effected on the Structure of the American Film Industry and the Measures the Ex-Studios Took to Remain in Control of th e Film Market2265 Words   |  10 Pagesmarket. After the paramount decree the Big Five studios , Twentieth century fox, MGM, Paramount, Warner Bros and RKO, were forced to sell off their theatre chains. The biggest problem the studios faced was that the theatres had contributed more to profits than either production of distribution- production, of course, can only become a profitable activity as a result of distribution and exhibition (pg7 Hillier J , 1992, The New Hollywood). Changes had to be made in order to make distribution of productionsRead MoreThe Trend Of Industrial Growth And Business Expansion3187 Words   |  13 Pagesinclude the demand and supply, competition and so on. The retail industry of United Kingdom is the growth and profitability driver for the country since it has been operating in the market. Emphasizing on the retail industry of UK, the competition is too high and the market competition impacts by the various environment and behavioural trends of the general public. According to Parliment.UK, (2014) in the year 2012, the wholesale and retail trade provide 16% of monetary productivity and 16% of servicesRead MoreT-Mobile: Job Role and Organizational Structure1962 Words   |  8 Pagesresponsible for recruiting, leading, motivating and developing your team to maximise profit. You will also be expected to maintain the highest merchandising standards, provide exceptional customer service, and ensure effective cost reduction and profit protection procedures are in place. Branch Manager - The Candidate We are interested in hearing from talented people who really want to progress their career in retail management, have strong commercial awareness, are customer service focused and haveRead MoreJP Morgan Chase Merger Case Study8152 Words   |  33 Pagesmergers and acquisitions have the capacity to decrease competition in various ways. The merger between JP Morgan Chase and Bank One presented JP Morgan Chase with the opportunity to expand its perspective through providing the firm with access to retail banking markets and clientele in the regions where its previous exposure had been virtually inexistent. The merger gave the firm that extra growth and competitive edge that it was looking for to compete with Citigroup and other rivals. Research hasRead MoreStrategic Development in Global Food Retail3706 Words   |  15 PagesCase Study – Strategy Development in the Global Food Retail Supermarket Industry Introduction In order to develop a global strategy, the deep understanding of the term ‘globalization’ is very important for every company. Globalisation: The globalization increases the mobility of goods. Globalization is a term describing different complex ideological, political, environmental and cultural forces as one world. During World War II, the national boundaries got faded and financial markets, information

Equal Engagement In Marriage and Between Cultures Essay

Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice illuminates a social courtship between the proud Mister Fitzwilliam Darcy and the shrewd, unconventional Miss Elizabeth Bennet. Elizabeth is proud of her own identity. She astutely justifies herself as â€Å"a gentleman’s daughter† (Austen 337) in her confrontation with the prejudiced and class-conscious Lady Catherine de Bourgh. Mister Fitzwilliam Darcy, who shares Elizabeth’s sharp tongue, comes from a family of high social status; his privileged upbringing instilled in him â€Å"pride and conceit† (Austen 349) that blinds him from acknowledging the similarity and equality between him and Elizabeth. Upon first proposing to Elizabeth, he does not realize that he is not raising her social status by marrying her.†¦show more content†¦In the first balcony scene, Darcy’s exchange with Balraj explicitly reveals to viewers for the first time his assumption that Indian girls and their culture are unsophist icated and inferior. Responding to Balraj’s wish to marry Jaya, Darcy offhandedly says, â€Å"If you really want to get marry, why don’t you just hook up with some Indian girl from England, or even America.† Darcy’s use of â€Å"hook up†, an American slang that connotes sexual interaction, depreciates the value of Indian girls by turning them into mere sexual objects. Moreover, his specific suggestion of â€Å"Indian girls† from England and America directly shows his prejudice against, not only the ethnicity of Indian girls, but also the Indian tradition of arranged marriage that he assumes have raised native girls to be traditional, submissive, and â€Å"simple,† unlike the independent and sophisticated, modern women born and raised in America or England. In addition, this dialogue on the balcony exposes the informal and less refined character of Will Darcy, one that is different from the â€Å"well-bred† (Austen 18) and rese rved mannerism of Fitzwilliam Darcy. Purposely made by Chadha, Darcy’s informality signifies his inclination for the free, modern behavior that is prevalent in the American culture. Through Darcy, a representative of America, viewers can observe one American’s attempt to impose his world view over theShow MoreRelatedCultural Culture Courtship And Marriage1268 Words   |  6 Pagesunderstand other cultures from an emic perspective, and there is a tendency to favor your culture, viewing it as superior. It is helpful to change your perspective, assuming an outside view towards your culture and taking an inside look at another. Over the course of this paper, I will explain my American Culture courtship and marriage traditions through the etic eye to show the perspective to an outsider, and I will examine an aspect of the Sub-Saharan African polygyny marriage from an emic perspectiveRead MoreUnited Arab Emirates Culture : Family, Date And Marriage1021 Words   |  5 Page sArab Emirates Culture (Family, Date and Marriage and Personal Appearance) By Mahoula Dosso Introduction I. Attention getter: I am sure many of you in the audience have noted the differences in cultures of different ethnicities, especially in multiethnic countries, haven’t you? Me too. II. Connect topic to audience: Many people often wonder why the cultures of one tribe might be so different from others from the way they structure their families to the forms of dating and marriage to their personalRead More Comparing Jane Eyre and Yellow Wallpaper1650 Words   |  7 PagesSimilarities Between Jane Eyre and Yellow Wallpaper   Ã‚   There are notable similarities between Charlotte Perkins Gilmans The Yellow Wallpaper and Charlotte Brontes Jane Eyre. These similarities include the treatment of space, the use of a gothic tone with elements of realism, a sense of male superiority, and the mental instability of women. There is a similar treatment of space in the two works, with the larger, upstairs rooms at the summer lodging and at Thornfield Hall being associatedRead Moreresearch paper marriage tradition1355 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿(Susana) Wai Ha Fok EN114 Marriage Traditions: Vast difference There is a huge difference between Chinese and western culture in marriage traditions. Due to the different background of religions, histories, also the evolution of thought and custom, meanings behind the marriage and wedding routines are vary. Chinas traditional idea of marriage is believed in â€Å"accommodate to the harmonious† philosophy (I Ching: Book of Changes, Fu Xi). It is not only a deal between two people but also relatedRead More Same-Sex Marriage and Religious Liberties: Essay1558 Words   |  7 PagesIn the United States, legalization of same-sex marriage has a long-standing history of opposition from religious circles. Some argue against the legalization of same-sex marriage based on their interpretation of the Bible’s stance against homosexuality (Dobson, O’Brien). Other opponents argue against the practice based on universal tenets of moral behavior, fundamental beliefs that are said to underpin our country’s existing laws and s hould not be eroded (George, Finnis, Friedman). IncreasinglyRead MoreThe Islamic Republic Of Afghanistan1704 Words   |  7 Pagessupport promptly ended with the withdrawal of Soviet troops in 1989. However, the Soviet Union continued to financially support President Mohammad Najibullah until his ousting in 1992. The Peshawar Accord of 1992, a peace and power sharing agreement between all major Afghan resistance parties, established the Islamic State of Afghanistan. However, instability quickly developed among all the factions and the newly created state had no time to consolidate. In 1994, the Taliban led by mujahideen commanderRead MoreDating Patterns Among College Students Essay1309 Words   |  6 Pagesto dating say sixty or even eighty years ago. Dating trends today, such as cohabitation, would be considered insanity or chaos if these patterns were displayed in the 1920’s. Today the majority of persons who date are seeking the outcome of a marriage (although research does not agree with this). Eighty years ago, p eople dated for fun, pleasure, and recreation (Schwartz 116), and only â€Å"popular† people dated (Waller 1937), dating was a rarity, and limited to people in their late teen years orRead MoreWomen Of A Russian Jewish Woman By Pauline Wengeroff1364 Words   |  6 Pagesthis was reflected in the institution of marriage. Jews began to gradually change their views about marriage, and specifically about marriage age, choice of partner, and the role of each partner in approaching their marriage. Although such change seemed inevitable, it was something new for a group which historically was so grounded in the upkeeping of religious and cultural traditions. As representative of the early beginnings of change in Jewish marriage customs in the mid 1800’s, Pauline WengeroffRead MoreThe Three Day Blow By Ernest Hemingway1184 Words   |  5 Pagespatriarchal society. In a patriarchal society, culture is based solely on male values, while female values are oppressed due to male dominance. However, such views have started to contradict with one another as shown in the story, leading to the growing power of women’s values. In the story, Nick and Bill are grown men having a conversation about topics such as fishing, sports and hunting. Bill is seen as a stereotypical sexist man with his indifferences with marriage and commitment, as he does not like theRead More Television and Media - Seinfeld, Much Ado About Nothing Essay1250 Words   |  5 PagesSeinfeld – Much Ado About Nothing We like to label things in our culture. Those over the age of 65 are called senior citizens. Those under the age of 18 are called children. Anyone falling in between those ages are considered adults and there are certain expectations placed on that demographic. Adults are the backbone of society, responsible for basically just about everything. Television reflects that responsibility, as adults are usually portrayed as hard-working, career-oriented, and

How Accurate Is the Label Era of Good Feelings free essay sample

Prior to the war of 1 812, the United States was riddled with domestic political conflicts between the Federalist and Republican parties and diplomatic conflicts with Britain and France. The Federalist and Republicans opinions differed in every subject and diplomatic policies against Britain and France divided the nation. At one point, disunion was so apparent that during the Hartford Convention in 1814, New England almost seceded from the Union. After the war of 1812, from 1815 to 1825, some Historians claimed that the nation embraced an Era of Good Feelings due to the destruction of theFederalist Party (but not its ideas) and the numerous nationalistic improvements. However, a better name for the post war years of 1815 to 1825 is an Era Of Mixed Feelings because although there Were improvements stimulated by nationalism, there were also conflicts created by sectionalism. After the war of 1 812, the people of the United States felt enormous pride in winning a war against the almighty Britain and used their nationalism to inspire improvements. Beginning with James Monomers election in 1816, Monroe (Republican) won the election with an outstanding ratio of 1 83 electoral votes to his opponent Rufus Kings (Federalist) 34 votes. Then in 1820, Monroe had no formidable opponent and acquired every vote expect, thus marking the end of the Federalist party. The nation was more untied than the pre-war era due to the emergence of the National Republican Party which had a hybrid of both Federalist and Republican beliefs. During Monomers presidency, the Monroe Doctrine was created and Florida became U.S. Territory, both of which bolstered U. S. Supremacy in the Western Hemisphere. In 181 9, the U. S. Acquired Florida from Spain for $5 million, which basically secured U. S. Power in North America. Then in 1 823, the Monroe Doctrine constituted U. S. Supremacy in the Western Hemisphere by stating that European powers have no right to interfere in Western affairs, and are not allowed to have further colonization within the Americas. The doctrine was especially important because it helped to proclaim U. S. Independence since Monroe chose to not align U.S. With Britain and took a firm position against the potent European powers. (Doc. H) Both of these events created positive vibes in the country as the U. S. Became more and ore of a superpower. At a cultural level, people rejoiced with nationalism and celebrated national holidays such as Independence Day With vanity. (Doc. C) Francis Scott Keys Star Spangled Banner gained ubiquitous popularity and became the national anthem and many great works of literature such as Washing Wings short stories illustrated American culture and values.In addition, the nations economy prospered due to Henry Clays American System, which promoted protective tariffs to protect and create industry and internal improvements such as roads, turnpikes, and canals to enhance internal commerce and unity. The internal improvements were especially important because as Calhoun puts it, the extent of the republic exposes us to the greatest of calamities-?disunion, thus by binding the republic together with a perfect system of roads and canals, the U. S. Can economically grow in unity. (Doc. ) By examining the prevalent post-war accomplishments and improvements, it is evident that from the period of 1815 to 1825, the U. S. Enjoyed a period of nationalism and prosperity. On the contrary, although the years 1815 to 1825 had numerous improvements due to nationalism, sectionalism and the 2nd B. U. S. Dilemma caused many conflicts for the Lignite States. First off, despite the fact that President Monroe won the elections of 1816 and 1820 with little to no opposition, by 1824, there were four candidates from the north, south and west; Andrew Jackson from Tennessee, John Q.Adams from Massachusetts, Henry Clay from Kentucky, and William Crawford from Georgia were representing different sections of the United States with unalike interests. (Doc. L) One of the main differences in interests was the issue of slavery, which Thomas Jefferson had predicted that one day it would be the [death] knell of the E) The Norths economy had little to no use for slavery while the Souths economy depended on the slavery; especially after Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin, which allowed the production of cotton thus increasing demand for slaves.The Missouri Comprise of 1820 was a chief example of how slavery separated the people. The Missouri Comprise allowed Missouri to enter as a slave state and Maine to enter as a free state in order to fashion a balance of power and created a 36-30 latitude line border hat unofficially established the North as anti-slavery states and the South as pro-slavery states. Undoubtedly, the compromise damaged the nationalistic feelings of the nation and created sectionalism since the North and the South refused to give up political power that would put their regions interests at stake.Economically, the nations wealth did increase but the issue Of protective tariffs brought disunion because the North supported it while the South opposed it. Many people of the South shared John Randolph view that it was unjust, to aggravate the burdens of the people for the purpose of favoring the manufactures. (Doc. A) Furthermore, the Panic of 1 819, which was chiefly the fault of the 2nd Bank of the United States, hindered the nations growth. Initially, the 2nd B. LLC. S. As run by William Jones who issued more banknotes than there were species and allowed employees to steal from the bank. When Jones was replaced by Speeches, Speeches stopped issuing bank notes so he could stop the distressing inflation. This course of action damaged businesses and farms throughout the county thus people could not pay their loans. As a result banks foreclosed peoples properties but even then, banks could not sell the mortgages. This dominoes effect destroyed the nations economy and stymied the national pride. Due to the sectionalism conflicts of slavery and economic issues, it is palpable that the years 1815 to 1 825 was not completely an Era of Good Feelings but bad feelings as well. Shortly after the war of 1 812, the United States experienced many improvements culturally, economically, politically, and diplomatically. The nation celebrated its culture and virtues, adopted Henry Clays American System, was united politically until the years prior to the election of 1 824, and dad auspicious declarations with European powers.

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Research and Reflection Article on a Consulting Capability

Question: Discuss about the Research and Reflection Article on a Consulting Capability . Answer: Introduction With rapid growth of globalization has exposed several fresh challenges to businesses in the modern age(Lacan 2013). Businesses need to now deal with more complex environment of poverty, changing climatic conditions, overfishing, peak oil and deprivation of natural resources. These dynamics stress the importance of businesses to follow more ethical procedures and guidelines from business consultants, in their organizations to minimize the negative impacts. Business consulting is a field which is growing in importance that stresses the role of the organization and guides them such that positive effects can be created on the society. Cannon Global Inc, is an American film production based company that follows business ethics(Yamaji 1997). The companys business consultant provides that the business follow Kyosei which is a Japanese word that implies to live and work together for achieving a common good. A good business consultation can help the organization earn a very high value and br and name in the market conversely a negative consultation can result in creating negative impact on the business and loss in brand value. Analysis Business consultation uses various business functions and attributes to develop and suggest methods that can be adopted. Business consultation should involve ethics, which is a system encompassing values and principles of those that are perceived right according to Raiborn and Payne (1990)(Singer 2011). For Cannon Global, their employees strive together in order to conduct their business ethically(Cannon Retrieved on 9th August 2016). Every employee within the organization tries to be a good corporate citizen and it is an important aspect to them. The company believes that if each of their employees is able to reflect on good corporate citizenship then they will be able reflect on values and ethics to their customers as well. This is a demonstration of good business consultation that helped create value for business of Cannon. Proper business consultation with appropriate business ethics plays an important role in customer satisfaction, a customer is more likely to be associated with an organization that follows business ethics compared to an organization that does not. As more research is done in the area of business consultation, relevant statistics are being reflected at the positive financial outcomes for organizations that applies ethical principles in their businesses. Stodder (1998) conducted a research on consumers, called a Walker Information Survey (1994) where he found a positive correlation between customers and companys ethics. In the survey 40% customers reflected that they would prefer to purchase products from an ethical company(Lacan 2013). Therefore it is of utmost importance that business consultants adopt ethical procedures in their various suggestions to client businesses. Relevance There are some researchers who are critically opposed to the idea of ethics in businesses consultation, as Milton Friedman (1962) argues that the sole responsibility of businesses is to deliver financial profitability to its stakeholders(Noddings 2013). He proposed that any business entity has a moral obligation to discharge its financial liability to the shareholders who have invested in it. Though business consultants primary aim is to maximize profits yet ethical procedures need not be overrun for the same. However, this approach is no more acceptable as there is a growing concern of business participation in the society. Society is an integral part of every business hence businesses should participate in ethical responsible practices. Lehman Brother bankruptcy in the year 2008 following business consultation of Arther Anderson LLC, is a classic example where business consultation did not follow ethical conduct(Degree Retrieved on 15th August, 2016). Though Lehman Brother was a hi ghly profitable business but following improper business consultation led them to initial profits but later to file for bankruptcy. Arther Anderson suggested that Lehman Brothers hide over US$50 billion as loan disguised in sales. The practical relevance of ethics is in the machiavellian approach of businesses, where there is an intention to do things rightly. Businesses do not need to be pressurized from external sources, agencies or government for conforming to ethical principles. Like Cannon Global applies ethical principles by themselves without any pressure from external source. In practical world complying to legal practices can prove deadly for the organization; as a cigarette company touting to smoke responsibly(Ferrell 2015). The myriad legalities of corporate existence can threaten the firms existence. Though legality arises from an action to do right or wrong, but legality alone cannot conform to a firms morality. Reflection The various definitions and explanations of business ethics reflects the relevance of ethics in practical situations(Scholtens 2007). For an organization to be ethical it needs to abide by norms and regulations that are acceptable by the society. As for example an construction company that dumps huge amounts of wastes in local area or river and has no safety concerns for its workers is an unethical company and likely to lose the trust and faith of the local community members and employees. People are going to look down upon the company which in turn will create an overall negative effect on the company that can result in less sales. Addidas, China manufacturing unit was not following employee health, hygiene norms and not providing them adequate payout(Crane 2007). The reports created negative feedback about the company worldwide resulting in lowering of the company sales. I have learnt that ethics help divert the resources and capital within the organization to more effective outcomes such as to create positive results for the business. I have seen in my course that ethics of a business is related to its accounting, human resource practices, marketing, strategy formation and so on. Ethical principles have its applicability in everyday life and in every aspect of business(Christensen 2007). A consultant would apply ethical principles such that the overall outcomes in regards to ethics can be obtained. Hence ethics can be applied to relevant management areas such as; Accounting : Ethical principles in accounting relate to abiding by the standard rules and principles while forming various books of accounts. Every organization needs to disclose their books of accounts such that various stakeholders can have access to it and reflection of the business activity can to be formed(Clegg 2007). I would recommend an organization to use the codes of accounting as prescribed by the standard body as IFRS or any other. Finance : I have learnt through cases that, organizations needs to follow proper finance practices such as to avoid any type of discrepancies(Sims 2006). Ethics in regards to financial practices reflects clarity of information for the firm and will attract more investors towards the company. Operations : A firm needs to follow ethical practices in regards to its various operations like manufacturing, packaging, transporting and ensure that minimum amount of wastes is created through its various processes. The Japanese lean manufacturing techniques adopts seven basic criteria for reducing waste and conforming to ethical principles in production(Crane 2007). Marketing : The marketing department of a company commences various activities in regards to advertisement and promotion of the companys product. I would suggest that these activities need to be ethical in nature as it is used in communicating company products and objectives and to build its brand name(Rossouw 2013). Human Resources : The human resource department of the company formulates rules and practices for employee conduct. Ethics in human resources can be reflected in organizations recruitment, selection, and performance management and in appraisals. An employee in an ethical organization is more likely to feel empowered and have greater loyalty towards the organizational goals. In case an employees personal principles of ethics matches with that of the organization they are more likely to be focused. I feel human capital is important, as if managed properly it can provide immense passion, joy, spirituality and empathy. According to me a satisfied workforce is important for organizations as it will help promote healthy environment within the organization(Baumgartner 2010). Environmental Management : Ethical principles are extremely important for an organization contribution to the environment(McCabe 2006). Environment is an important part of every organization as it takes necessary natural resources from the environment for its production and releases wastes to the environment. This capital is very important it includes sinks where companies discharges wastes, recycles or neutralizes their wastes. The organization I will work for can have some degree of impact on environment, in regards to the energy that they consume or waste they create(Giacalone 2006). If I am able to provide proper knowledge regarding restorative eco-systems, recycling and waste reduction by lean manufacturing to stakeholders of the organization, it will help to considerably reduce overall waste and increase company profitability. Conclusion Ethics form an important aspect of everyday life and of business, organizations that are able to apply ethical principles are able to sustain their businesses over the long run. Ethics principles and activities render value to business and organizations are able to establish a relationship with the society and community to which they serve. Knowledge regarding ethics is essential in order to maintain business viability and its attractiveness to various stakeholders. Corporations can in discussion with their various stakeholders agree and form relevant code of ethics in order to create future sustainability for its business. Hence there are codes of ethics formed known as the corporate social responsibilities which can benefit the organization highly in providing them an adequate path to follow ethics and hence discharge its social responsibilities. References Cannon Retrieved on 9th August 2016, 'https://www.canon.co.za/about_us/about_canon/philosophy'. Christensen, L.J., Peirce, E., Hartman, L.P., Hoffman, W.M. and Carrier, J., 2007. Ethics, CSR, and sustainability education in the Financial Times top 50 global business schools: Baseline data and future research directions.Journal of Business Ethics,73(4), pp.347-368. Crane, A. and Matten, D., 2007.Business ethics: Managing corporate citizenship and sustainability in the age of globalization. Oxford University Press, USA. Clegg, S., Kornberger, M. and Rhodes, C., 2007. Business ethics as practice.British Journal of Management,18(2), pp.107-122. 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Cultural values and international differences in business ethics.Journal of Business Ethics,75(3), pp.273-284 Singer, P., 2011.Practical ethics. Cambridge university press. Sims, R.R. and Felton Jr, E.L., 2006. Designing and delivering business ethics teaching and learning.Journal of Business Ethics,63(3), pp.297-312. Yamaji, K., 1997. A global perspective of ethics in business.Business Ethics Quarterly,7(03), pp.55-70.

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Leave it Empty Existence of God and Evil

Many philosophers and atheists believe that a loving God should not let His children suffer. Explaining the logical problem of evil, Horner states that evil and good cannot coexist. For that reason, if God exists, then, there is no evil. Likewise, if evil exists, then, God is a fairytale.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Leave it Empty: Existence of God and Evil specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Existence of evil is, therefore, the main opposition to God’s existence (Horner). Theologians, on the other hand, maintain that God allows evil as a way of strengthening people’s faith in Him. However, the same people uphold that God is a loving father. As a result, God protects His people from evil and suffering. Therefore, theological doctrines are sometimes inconsistent with each other. This essay tries to find out whether there is a logical contradiction between the existence of God and evil. There is a co ntradiction between the existence of an all-powerful God and the existence of evil (Mackie). God is supposed to be omnipotent or unstoppable. Therefore, what God can do has no limits. In addition, people should not suffer from all manners of evil in the presence of an all-powerful God. Some logical rules connect evil and omnipotence (Mackie). Horney adds that good cannot exist in the presence of evil. Therefore, a loving God must completely eliminate evil. For that reason, the notion that evil and an omnipotent God coexist is debatable. A logical explanation to the coexistence of good and evil can only be given if God’s power has a limit. As a result, some scholars have opted to restrict the meaning of omnipotence when referring to God. Amazingly, these scholars are known to record a list of some of the things an omnipotent God cannot do (Mackie). Furthermore, the problem of evil can either be emotional or intellectual (Horner). The intellectual problem explains the relations between Evil and an omnipotent God based on the reasons. This problem is further divided into logical and probabilistic problems (Horner). The logical problem maintains that evil and God cannot coexist. According to the emotional problem, people question God’s existence when faced with hardships. These people fail to understand why a loving and an all-powerful God can allow such evils to befall them. Therefore, in some cases, the objection to God’s existence is merely emotional. However, it is not necessary for God to eliminate all evils (Horner). In some cases, doing away with an evil may bring about a greater evil or get rid of a good that outweighs it (Horner). For instance, God cannot sterilize females to eliminate pain experienced during the birth of children. If God was to control the actions of all people, then, no one would be free. Likewise, all people would behave and act in the same manner. God created free people with a mind that is able to differentiate b etween good and evil. It is, therefore, widely expected that people will commit evil because God has given them an independent mind. People commit evil out of their own freewill. This evil is what philosophers call moral evil (Guthrie). Additionally, God uses natural evil to increase the amount of good on the Earth (Guthrie). For instance, earthquakes have killed many people.Advertising Looking for essay on philosophy? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Amazingly, the same earthquakes prevent continents from eroding into oceans since they are necessary in plate tectonics (Guthrie). In addition, death is a natural way of controlling global population. Without death, resources on the Earth surface will not be enough to sustain its population (Guthrie). Religious leaders also argue that suffering, which is a form of evil, is one of the ways through which God manifests Himself to his people. Through suffering, God’s children a re able to strengthen their faith in him. However, some scholars maintain that evil is an illusion (Mackie). For that reason, what we refer to as evil is a state of mind. Citing one of the Popes, Mackie states that universal good is one of the end products of partial evil. Therefore, evil complements good. Social harmony is, thus, brought about by disorder in the society. Accordingly, disorder is harmony that people are yet to understand (Mackie). Existence of evil has elicited the discussion as to whether God really exists. It is fallacious to say that good cannot exist without evil (Mackie). Such statements limit the powers of an omnipotent God. In addition, these statements imply that God cannot create good without creating evil. An omnipotent God can do anything. However, misfortunes such as sickness and death cast doubts on the existence of God. There is no logical explanation on why an omnipotent God can allow evil to dominate the Earth. Theologians argue that God has enough r easons for permitting evil. However, atheists and some philosophers argue that theologians believe what they can barely prove. For that reason, what theologians propose cannot be solved scientifically. This means that their reasoning cannot be supported by further experiments, decisions or actions (Mackie). Since all sides maintain their stand, the debate on the contradiction between the existence of God and evil is far from over. Works Cited Guthrie, Shandon. Assessing the Problem of Evil and the Existence of God. n. d. Web.. Horner, Michael. Do Evil and Suffering Disprove the Existence of God? n. d. Web. https://thelife.com/disprove-the-existence-of-god. Mackie, John Leslie. â€Å"Evil and Omnipotence.† Mind, New Series. 64. 254 (1955): 200-212. Web..Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Leave it Empty: Existence of God and Evil specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More This essay on Leave it Empty: Existence of God and Evil was written and submitted by user Benjamin S. to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.